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Top 5 Crms for Real Estate Wholesalers

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Best REI Crms From A Call Center’s Stand Point

In the past decade, real estate has ranked as the the most lucrative, easiest and safest investment strategies and top investment pick for the majority (35%) of Americans, according to Gallup’s annual Economy and Personal Finance survey. But that doesn’t mean everything is handed to wholesalers on a silver platter.

As a Call Center working with realtors and investors in the USA since 2014, We can safely say, Not everyone ends up closing a deal in their first month as they have dreamt. And that’s where many of the new wholesalers seem to give up. But investors who understands the market, and know how to built a pipeline of contracts for the long run, Do survive and get rich overnight.

The strategy comes with a slew of responsibilities which include scouting around for profitable properties or looking at the county records to find a good fix and flip opportunity, converting owners into motivated sellers, keep following up with them until they sign the contract, and finding buyers, all before the closing date. In between the mentioned processes comes the mundane tasks such as creating contracts, Making Cold Calls, Marketing the under contract properties on social media and other platforms, and a bunch of other tasks to be able to enjoy that $10k average profit out of a single family property.

What Is A Wholesale Real Estate CRM?

A Wholesale real estate CRM, short for customer relationship management system is any software, or website platform designed to streamline a wholesaler’s job by centralizing sales, marketing, and customer communication processes into one.

Features vary widely from one software to another, but generally include functions that help automate, and systemize daily operations, track completed tasks, and improve a wholesaler’s outreach. Here is what our team as a BPO Call Center think about some of the best wholesale CRMs below.

5 – PropStream ( 3/5 Stars)

PropStream is one of the most popular CRMs in the real estate industry in general. And for a good reason. It is an all-in-one tool with everything a wholesaler, realtors, and real estate agents need to excel.

To begin with, it provides access to over 150 million property records, and even better, in MLS format. With this feature users are able to conduct nationwide searches and get detailed information on potential investment properties such as the owner, past transaction details, loan balance, foreclosure, and much more.

As a result, wholesalers are able to not only find data on potentially profitable properties but also create targeted property lists that allow them to perform searches on both market, and off-market deals in any countrywide location within just a few clicks. While the feature is beneficial to all wholesalers, it’s especially perfect for novice real estate agents who need to generate new lead lists from scratch.

You’re limited to 10,000 property data saves, and exports per month. The platform is pretty user-friendly, and all your user data is often well-organized and displayed on easy-to-use dashboards.

While it provides good data of lists to generate motivated seller leads, It also does the Leads Management ,Skip tracing (extra charges may apply) and checking comps within the platform.

Here is our personal experience stats for Propstream >

Deals Closing Ratio : 1 closed out of 8 contract.

Call Connecting Ratio : 1 call connected (exact owner) out of 10

Price : $99/ Mo Basic Plan ( Free 7 days trial available )

Tools you’ll need to buy additionally : a Predictive Dialer ($100 – $200 / mo) , A web based phone line ( $10 – $30 / mo) + Skip tracing as you go.

Propstream’s Dashboard

4 – REIPro ( 3.5 / 5 Stars)

A great feature of REIPro is their deal analyzer, real estate agents have the opportunity to fall in the successful category. The feature lets you estimate potential repair costs and run comps to determine investment property profitability.

REIPro users can consolidate all transaction details under one page for easier access, and deal data management. It also boasts an automated 10-step workflow allowing wholesalers to reach out to homeowners and buyers enough times to convert them into real estate leads. REIPro has a marketing library with dozens of postcard designs, budget sheets, flyers, and even letter templates for email marketing.

You can run instant comps, skip trace, and look up important property information for any investment property across the country. It is a comprehensive CRM you can maximize for lead, marketing campaign, and property data management all in one.

Here are Swift Tech BPO’s personal experience stats for ReiPro >

Deals Closing Ratio : 2 closed out of 10 contract.

Call Connecting Ratio : 3 call connected (exact owner) out of 15

Price : $99/ Mo Basic Plan ( Free 7 days trial available )

Tools you’ll need to buy additionally : a Predictive Dialer ($100 – $200 / mo) , A web based phone line ( $10 – $30 / mo) Plus skip tracing as you go.

Reipro Dashboard

3 – Deal Machine ( 3.8 / 5 Stars )

Finding real estate deals typically involves either scouring through lists of distressed properties or physically reviewing neighborhoods for potentially profitable properties. Deal Machine makes both strategies a breeze. It has a driving for dollars tracking feature that lets you mark out streets or locations you’ve previously analyzed from your marketing campaigns. The feature also lets you track field team activity in real-time.

It has batch skip tracing, and unlimited property owner lookups, and you can even send out direct mail postcards immediately after you identify a motivated seller. All property data you save is automatically stored, updated as needed, and organized for easy access, workflow creation, and decision making.

Swift Tech BPO’s personal experience stats for Deal Machine>

Deals Closing Ratio : 2 closed out of 10 contract.

Call Connecting Ratio : 4 call connected (exact owner) out of 15

Price : $59/ Mo Basic Plan ( Free 7 days trial available )

Tools you’ll need to buy additionally : a Predictive Dialer ($100 – $200 / mo) , A web based phone line ( $10 – $30 / mo) Plus skip tracing as you go.

Deal Machine Dashboard

2 – MOJO ( 4.5 / 5 STARS )

The Mojo Dialer is a line power dialer designed to enable real estate agents, investors, wholesalers, salespeople, and other professionals to quickly and efficiently make outbound marketing calls.

Beyond dialing capabilities, the Mojo Dialer is also an on-demand lead generation and management system. So, besides making targeted calls, professionals can also nurture leads through their customer buying journey.

Swift Tech BPO’s personal experience stats for Mojo >

Deals Closing Ratio : 3 closed out of 10 contract.

Call Connecting Ratio : 6 call connected (exact owner) out of 15

Price : $150/ Mo Triple Line Dialer

Tools you’ll need to buy additionally : A web based phone line ( $10 – $30 / mo) Plus skip tracing as you go.

Mojo Dialer’s Dashboard


Real Estate Nexus tops our list and we found it to be the most successful tool in real estate market which actually helps you close multiple deals every month. It is one of the best real estate customer relationship management (CRM) tools around. Users can use it to identify and organize leads, contact them seamlessly, and easily keep track of all lead-to-client communications.

It’s also a sequential marketing platform with multi-touch capabilities, meaning you can use it to set up text messages, email, social media , voicemail, to live calling campaigns. The platform parks many outstanding features.

Swift Tech BPO’s personal experience stats for Real Estate Nexus >

Deals Closing Ratio : 5 closed out of 10 contract.

Call Connecting Ratio : 10 call connected (exact owner) out of 15

Price : $997/ Mo Basic Plan

Tools you’ll need to buy additionally : Nothing. You will find everything you need in this platform at one place.

Real Estate Nexus Dashboard

Final Thoughts About The Best Wholesale Real Estate CRM

A wholesaling CRM is one of the best real estate wholesaling tools you’ll ever procure for your real estate business. It acts as a centralized platform where you can manage lead data, automate mundane tasks, workflows, and marketing campaigns, and simplify the everyday wholesaling process.

Some all-in-one tools like PropStream and REIPro offer access to countless property records making lead generation a breeze for both the novice and the seasoned wholesalers.

In a nutshell, The best CRM tool we think, As a Call Center working with Investors and realtors for about a decade, is Real Estate Nexus hands down! It has truly revolutionized the lead generation process for the real estate industry by going one step ahead of every other CRM and showing your social media content to your potential sellers. We Currently have 6 agents using the REN platform for our clients as a VA and this platform holds the record of most successful contracts closed til date for us. That is the reason we recommend this platform to all our clients who are starting from scratch and are serious about their real estate business.

We would encourage you to sign up for a trial account for REN and see the results for yourself, by clicking on  THIS BUTTON.

P.s after you decide to get their trail and need a full time or part time VA who is an expert in all these CRMs, Please get in touch with us via email at info@swifttechbpo.com.

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